Challenging Concepts

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In preparation for your journey to achieve your purpose/personal goals and success in all aspects of your life, there will be areas of your life that you will need to challenge yourself.  There are many different concepts, perceptions and ideas of which method is the most effective but here are just a few:


  • Clarifying Values

Are you increasing the quality of your value? How do you determine yourself worth?

Destined for Purpose will be encouraging you to see yourself in a new light.  We will help you to discover your- self-worth, the precious commodity in you.


  • Challenging

Your strength doesn’t come from what you can’t do, it comes from Expectations   overcoming the things that you thought you couldn’t do.  Fear can make you lose confidence in your ability to accomplish or challenge stumbling in your life.  We will help you to overcome these fears so that you are able to reach beyond what you thought you could.


  • Taking Risks

The term `Life is a Risk’ is a notable term that many use in life frequently.  For example, an individual may have a business idea, a change of career or big life changing decisions to make and may have various different reasons as to why they believe it will fail, or not succeed.  In their minds the level of risk is far much greater than the person is prepared to fore-go, but risk is an essential step that at some stage or another one will have to take.

Every time you board a plane, ship, bike or car, you are taking the risk of being in a life changing situation which either may result in injury or even death.  Just think that if you were not prepared to take risks in life you would never be able to experience your journey or experience in life.


  • Being Disciplined

Disciplining one’s self can be quite difficult at times especially with the fast moving pace of life.  Destined for purpose will help you to work out some simple set guidelines to enable you to work towards your goals, and will help you to maintain a strategy that works.


There are four vital keys to being disciplined:


  • Time Management


  • Routine


  • Focus


  • Structure


The above are essential keys to maintaining discipline in your life.


  • Setting Goals that Work

Strategic planning and goal setting will enable individuals to achieve step by step progress in the goals they are looking to achieve and accomplish in life.  Destined for Purpose are experts at helping individuals to set realistic and achievable goals the SMART way. We have weekly. Monthly and Yearly plans to fit around your life scheduled.


  • Taking Responsibility For the Directions you Take

Life can only dictate to you what you allow it too, but you have the power and ability to take control of your life and the direction you wish to take.  Settling for what life has to offer you minimalizes the circumference of your possibilities, and we will help you go beyond the realms of the impossible.