Find Your Purpose



Destined for Purpose was birthed to help you discover your purpose in life, to help you explore the creativity in you, and to help you achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations into manageable step by step principles.

You will receive strategic and dynamic training and study guides that will enable you to be equipped with the necessary coping mechanisms, inspiring concepts and strategic planning to help you achieve and fulfill your goals and purpose in life.

Combining strategic mentoring skills and revolutionary biblical principles, not only will we help you to embark on a life transformation journey to fulfilling your potential, but we will help you to attain LIFE (Living in Fullness Every day).


The Mentoring Project is for you if you wish to:


Discover Your Purpose

Explore Your Creativity

Fulfill Your Full Potential

Embrace Change

Achieve Your Goals and Dreams


Destined for Purpose also provides Mentoring for Success programs and sessions for individuals who wish to achieve success in every area of their lives, helping them to believe ‘that nothing is impossible to those that believe.