Exploring Your Creativity

Exploring Your Creativity


The majority of people in life have resigned to either studying for a particular professional qualification to go into the specific career/or job that they would like to work in, or may apply for a job that may not require any particular skills sets (particularly if it’s some manual labour type jobs) just to have an income to meet their financial needs and daily living requirements.

A minority of people will look at the talents/gifts and skills that they have, and use it towards fulfilling a purpose, a dream or even a lifetime hobby.  Very few people are `fulfilling their purpose’ because some don’t know what it is.  Individuals may base what they would like to do in life upon what some else is doing/or achieving.  In society today, most people will tell you that they would like to be `famous’ or a `celebrity’ based on the notoriety it gives you, the financial wealth it could earn you, and the materialistic items that it can buy you.  Does this mean however that you are exploring your creativity?

A job may help you to improve or learn skills that you have never learnt before, but it can also stagnate your creativity if it does not give you the ability or potential to be creative.  How would you be able to elevate yourself from there?

It is important for you to tab into your own creativity to discover what you have the ability to do. Every living person has a creative ability, but may not have discovered it yet. You are more than what you see in the mirror, and more than what you may think of yourself, or how other’s portray you to be.

You have been specifically created by God and packaged with a gift (bags of creative resources) in order for you to discover them and apply/use them to fulfil your purpose.


How do you Explore the Creativity in You

Let’s look at the following areas:




Applying imagination


Having the ability to explore your creativity will put you on the road map to fulfilling your purpose. Drifting through life without knowing what you are here to do will leave you feeling frustrated with life and feeling very dejected from society.