Be Pro-Active


Destined for Purpose believes that turning your dreams and goals into reality will require the following proactive principles for the success that you desire:


  • Taking Responsibility for the choices/decisions you make in Life
  • Preparing Your-self for Change
  • Setting a Strategy That Works
  • Have a Realistic Idea of your own skills and your Expectations
  • Taking the Initiative
  • Identifying Your Strengths & Weakness
  • Taking Risks
  • Being Persistence
  • Challenging Expectations
  • Developing A Positive Attitude
  • Clarifying Values
  • Being Disciplined


We will help you to:


  • Discover your Skills Set
  • Discover Your Purpose, Goals and Dreams
  • Draw Upon Your Resources
  • Develop an Attitude for Positive Thinking
  • De-brief Your Confidence
  • Drive Yourself
  • Develop the Power of Belief
  • Design a Strategic Plan towards your goals and dreams
  • Designate Time to develop a Network of organizations to help you with your vision
  • Determine Your Self-Worth
  • De-Active Problem Solving


Pro-active mentoring is hands on practical steps by step mentoring tools that will take you through a measure of processes that will enable you to achieve productive results.