Design A Strategic Plan


Designing a strategic plan to help you to focus on the key areas of what you wish to achieve is of the utmost importance.


There could be more than one project which you wish to achieve, and you may find it overwhelming having to focus on all of your goals at the same time.


Make a decision as to what will be your top priority that you wish to achieve first.  Once you have decided then you need to begin your research in that area.


Once you have made a start on that particularly project continue to complete it.  Don’t start another project until you have completed your current one.


It can be tempting to start on another project and leave the first one uncompleted, but stick to your plan.  Complete one project and then start a new one.


Devising a flow chart would be useful as this could help you to see your beginning point and your desired end.


Creative ideas can always be forth coming so make sure that you have a pad and a pen handy if you need to jot down some ideas.


If you have other individuals helping you to work on one of your projects, ensure that you arrange to meet with the collective individuals to see where they are at with the piece of work that you have tasked them to do for you.


Ensure that the time-scales that you have set for them to complete the work that has been requested is on target. Also ensure that the time-scales that you have set for yourself to complete your tasks are realistic and feasible.