Draw Upon Your Inner Resources



Every human being has been packaged with a gift and talent that they have received from God.  Talent is an ability to do something in the natural, without effort or struggling.  Not everyone will be able to accomplish the same outcome with the talent that has been given specifically to an individual.

As like a gift, this is also given to individuals by God, and is something that can only be accomplished through God’s supernatural power. There are many gifted individuals in the world who have the ability to do the extraordinary, beyond the natural talent of an individual.  This may be for example an ability to sing beyond the vocal range and tone of that of another person; Another examples is an ability to lay hands on a sick person and heal them of their condition etc,

Throughout an individual’s life they will obtain various skill sets too.  Learned skills is what a person has picked up over the years through undertaking i.e. courses/training/work experience/schooling, work or undertaking a hobby of some sort. There are many different categories of work / professions/business ventures/hobbies or interests that will enable a person to choose what they would like to do in life, however YOU have been packaged with a gift/talent that you possess, and Destined for Purpose Mentoring Programs will help you to discover what your gift or talent is and will help you bring it out.


`It is never too late to become the best version of Yourself’

`You can do anything, but you can’t do Everything’

`Our lives is the result of a God given purpose that requires our Existence’

Finding out what your skills and talents are will lead you into the direction of your purpose.