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Ripe But Not Ready For Management

thinking-ladyDo you think you are ready for a management position?

As I sit here thinking about the role of a manager, and what it entails, I realise that there is far more to management than just obtaining managerial qualifications to manage a team.  Even if you possess a passion or desire to manage a team, that only will not be sufficient enough for you to take on the task effectively.

You can be a very organized person, and present quite confident and competent, but that only will not guarantee that you have the necessary ability or qualities to fulfil a management role. Unfortunately neither will confidence in your abilities to manage prove that you have the necessary skills to manage a team of people.

Managers have an inner capability, an approachable personality and the appropriate characteristics to fit the role that they portray. No amount of strategic qualifications in management can prepare you for a managerial role with the practical or inner qualities that a manger should possess.

Many managers should have some of the following qualities and abilities:


  • Patience


  • Tolerance


  • Endurance


  • Empathy


  • Informational Knowledge


  • Quick Thinker


  • A Listener


  • A Motivator


  • An Encourager


  • A Directive


  • A Problem Solver


  • A Strategists


Without the above mixture of qualities and attributes, a person who is intending to embark on a management role will find it difficult to fulfil that particular role.

Not all of us should assume that we can fulfil the role of a manager.

If you are thinking about embarking upon a career in management, make sure that you bare the above in mind. `Not everyone is up to the task’.


Having Confidence in Your Ability


self confidenceBelieving and having confidence in your ability is a key essential to everything you do, especially in your job, your own business and any personal projects that you may wish to pursue or embark on.

Confidence in your ability enables your performance to excel to achieve excellence in what you do.  It will enable you work to be completed to a higher standard, and confidence helps your overall presentation in all that you do.

Sometimes the confidence that you have in your abilities can be shaken, especially when faced with `confidence knockers’.  They are individuals whom have nothing positive to say about your personality, character or your ability to fulfil your role.

Confidence knockers will only adhere to what others have said concerning you, and will judge you based on past events that have taken place.  They expect much from you even though they give very little, and they are unwilling to know your view points, ideas or directives concerning new concepts.

Maintain your focus in the confidence of your abilities.  Everyone is equipped with a skill, an ability or a gift in a particularly area, and this should be crafted, capitalized on and celebrated.

You have something to offer just like the next person.  Now package it well and present it!

You have something to give!

Here are great reasons for why you should maintain confidence in your abilities:


EXCELLENCE     –           Confidence draws out excellence in a person.


CREATIVITY       –           Plenty of creative ideas are born out of confidence in your abilities.


PERFORMANCE –          Your drive and your passions exudes from your confidence.


SELF-ESTEEM    –          Confidence in your ability increases your self-esteem and self-belief in yourself.